oil paintings

memories of place

This is a series of small oil paintings I’ve been doing as studies. The paintings are based on images my partner and I took in places we’ve visited over the years, mostly in Taiwan. The focus is on the memory and the feelings these places evoke when I’m revisiting them through our photographs.

still life paintings

These are paintings I made to teach from for my beginning oil painting classes.

For oil painting classes, I have my students draw and paint from life. This begins with the the students getting familiar with drawing in charcoal before moving into oil paint. Once moving into painting with oils we do a few monochromatic still life paintings to get familiar with the paint and how it feels to apply it to the canvas as opposed with drawing on paper. Then we move into a series of complementary color paintings so that the students can become familiar with color mixing and the range of value that can be achieved with chromatic grays. Finally, we move into making paintings using a wider range of palette options. 

Figure paintings